Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Glass and Torch Pics

Pics of some glass and my new torch!!!

My torch is awesome!!!!!!

My torch on the gas-saving pilot light stand (yeah, I need to paint it)

And some glass from Wednesday:

My first attempt at a kuttrolf - it gurgles very nicely. A bit funky, but a good start!

A cone beaker

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kuttrolf Attempt #1

I haven't posted in a bit partially because my camera is having issues, and I like to post with pictures. Sigh. So for now, now pretty pictures. Last week we got my Uber Torch of Doom up and running. It might not be medieval, but it sure is neat! Last week I experimented with glass sculpture (which ended up on the floor) and a vase (which also ended up on the floor). Today I had a much more successful and more medieval glass blowing session. I made a birka style funnel beaker in jade green with a cirillian lip wrap. I also took my first shot at making a kuttrolf, and I think it turned out pretty well. I did two tubes (basically just creasing the long neck down the center) which I twisted. It looks like they actually pinch the glass when doing four tubes, and I'm wondering if that's done with normal tweezers or what - I'll have to experiment with it next week. We shut the furnace down for the week in order to do some repairs and save the power bill, but will probably be blowing glass again next Wednesday.